Our Story

Welcome to Blackstone Services Oklahoma City Carpenter about us page! Here in our about us section we share what we are passionate about, what sets us apart from other construction service companies, how working with Blackstone Services is a benefit/value to our customers, our story from where we began to where our hope lies for the future, the overarching importance of safety to us, and in a conclusion a look into Stephen Lockeby; owner of Blackstone Services.

What are you passionate about?

Blackstone Services passions are many and growing for the Oklahoma City Carpenter industry. We are passionate about people; and for us that means sharing the passions of others, which imparts service to others.Our motive to share the challenges and goals in the lives of others gives us the opportunity for service to others in pursuing those goals and meeting those challenges. We believe that passionate service to others is at it’s best when we connect in honest relationships with others and develop an informed understanding of our customers needs for service. Through time and experiences our customers can see the knowledge, skills, and talents that apply to our passions for meeting their criteria of service.

Why are you better than other contractors?

So what makes the difference between Blackstone Services and other contractors and Oklahoma City Carpenter? To some we are not much different; however, we serve the needs of these people. To others there is a difference and we have met the needs and expectations of the person who knows we are different as well. Something that sets us apart is our willingness and ability to adapt and change to meet our customers unique challenges. With our history and experience of meeting new challenges and goals we have proven our talents, skills, and capacity for success; where others have not had the performance capacity to meet the performance demands. While many other contractors don’t even operate at this level, Blackstone Services is experienced at operating at this high level with success. So what really makes us different? It is our customers unique needs and how our wholehearted approach to meeting those needs. Get to know Blackstone Services and see how we can meet your needs. We strive to get to know our customers individual expectations and develop a big picture plan and goals that do not sacrifice satisfaction in any area of life. Blackstone Services focuses on not only what we know to do; but, also on what we can learn can be done to serve.

The advantages of working with Blackstone Services….

Our relationships are different. We share the same honesty, respect, inclusion, and other core values with every customer. This allows our new customers to hold the the same expectations as our past customers with confidence and trust in Blackstone Services, the best Oklahoma City carpenter. We are a down to earth local business that can realistically get to know you and be known by you in an honest relationship. Get to know us and see the trust and confidence that develops in each other.


With our team having years of experience working together as a Oklahoma City carpenter, our level of communication is rare to find. Our years of experience give us the ability to speak with confidence and credibility on many aspects of construction.


Blackstone Services diverse and extensive experience doing everything from repairs to home additions gives our customers a convenient single source for most all of their construction needs as a Oklahoma City carpenter. This saves our customers time and money. And also ensures that they get the same quality workmanship on many aspects of their home improvement projects.


With Blackstone Services you get years of experience and lessons learned for the best methods and outcomes. We have been in the Oklahoma City carpenter industry for decades.


Due to our experience, knowledge, and talents hard at work we can provide you maximum efficiency and results with minimum cost. This means our customers get more quality work accomplished for their investments.


Through teamwork, collaboration, and a multi focused approach we apply our diverse experience and talents to give our customers many options as an Oklahoma City carpenter. This allows us the flexibility to produce goals and outcomes greater than anyone of us could have imagined on our own.


The Story of Blackstone

Blackstone Services was developed with several principles at the forefront of what Blackstone Services represents as a Oklahoma City carpenter. Service is a key motive for us. We have the intent and guiding principles to provide service that both satisfies our customers needs and our employees passion for what they do. Teamwork is at the foundation of Blackstone Services. We set out from the beginning to share the successes and challenges of all involved from employees to to customers equally. Blackstone Services is guided by the belief that to make a difference we have to be different. After years of seeing less than desirable business practices; such as putting financial goals before people, or personal gain before collaboration, we knew there was a better and different way. Blackstone Services will continue on in a better way by adapting to those things that oppose our values and also overcoming them in such a way that we are left alone with our values fully intact and effective.

The story of Blackstone Services is holding to an enduring and effectual purpose to find a better way and go in that way as a Oklahoma City carpenter.

Blackstone’s Values

Here we share what our values mean to us, how we prioritize them, and how we apply them in life. Honesty is somewhere at the top of Blackstone Services list of values. We believe your Oklahoma City carpenter should be honest and maintain integrity in all things. And integrity is valuable in maintaining many if not all other values. When we can be honest we maintain an integrity of trust even when we cannot maintain the integrity of our promises.

Teamwork is another core value for Blackstone Services Oklahoma City carpenter. Teamwork for us means sharing the successes and shortcomings of one another so that weaknesses of one become the strengths of all and the successes of one become the victories of all.

Commitment is a value that we see raises expectations and develops trust. And it means being honest in what we say and honest in what we do. It is important for your Oklahoma City carpenter to be committed.

Sacrifice for us is a value to serve others interest above one’s self. Sacrifice means giving up something that we did not intend to so that we can maintain trust, promises, and services that have become more demanding of us due to unforeseen Oklahoma City carpenter challenges.

Character is a value of ourselves and others in regards to what we mean to each other. We believe recognizing the character of others and showing the appropriate character to others is necessary to making honest expectations and commitments of each other.

Quality to us is a value for durability, functionality, customer satisfaction, and overall positive impact of our products and services for all involved.

Excellence is a value for growth, reinvestment, recommitting, and pursuing greater challenges and rewards.

Faith is a value for a creator and authority over our lives and all things in them. We believe that God is the explanation and source of value created into things like honesty, loyalty, and compassion. Science gives no explanation of why these are valuable other than to place value on when and what positive outcomes they produce cause another positive outcome, that causes another, and another until death or an earlier negative outcome.

Blackstone Services values the principles, motives, opportunities, and outcomes of God through faith. We believe that our greatest value is given to us by God. In fact, Jesus himself was a carpenter, but not an Oklahoma City carpenter. And that is is best to have our motives, and understanding of that value to be judged by God rather than ourselves or any other person. When we have faith in ourselves or others to establish value in things those values change as our motives and opportunities change. When we have faith in God to establish the value of things He changes us and our motives and opportunities. God’s values become a solid rock we can stand on and our motives and opportunities are always successful when they align with God’s purposes.


Blackstone Services Oklahoma City Carpenter believes that true wealth is in our health. And without health we have no wealth of time, or wealth of life. Anything that does not support good preservation health or is deleterious to the safety of health Blackstone Services strongly opposes.

Blackstone Services is guided by the practice that safety is an attitude, skill, and habit that everyone must become a self leader to carry out for themselves and the team at Blackstone Services.

Blackstone Services will not tolerate any situation to be created that allows for the possible, probable, or proven risk to health and human safety. We take pride in our work as a Oklahoma City carpenter, and value safety above all else.

Blackstone Services supports the doctrine of stubborn refusal which delegates authority to any and all employees to refuse to cooperate or comply with any unsafe acts or intended acts and to take all lawful means to prevent and halt the unsafe acts of others without adverse consequences to defiant and/or proactive employees in the pursuit of health and human safety.

About Our Owner, Stephen Lockeby:

About the owner! I Stephen Lockeby want to share some of the experiences in my life that are significant to me. I believe these experiences impacted who I am to others. I was raised in a hard working family. My father worked in many different construction trades and even had a successful dog training business. I can remember working with my dad on construction sites and the dog training field, probably before I knew how to read!

We relocated to work a farm when I was in grade school. I believe growing up on a farm with no electricity, phones, and such was a significant learning experience that most people do not have the opportunity to share. I learned a lot about hard work, opportunities and the importance of the outcomes resulting from our motives while growing up on a farm.

I’ve worked most of my life now at thirty three years old; and having worked full time since fifteen years old and years prior unpaid. I’ve had brief jobs in janitorial, landscaping, and others but have mostly worked in construction as a Oklahoma City carpenter. I had worked in residential construction for about seven years. I then went to work in commercial construction for about seven years. During my career in commercial construction I completed a degree in emergency medical sciences and worked just over a year as a paramedic just before starting Blackstone Services in 2015. I’ve recently returned to a more rural living situation after having lived in the Oklahoma City area for about seventeen years.

I have two Dobermans at home currently. These Dobermans do not make a good Oklahoma City carpenter.

Also I have multiple near death experiences if there is such a thing as almost dead. You’ll have to ask me to hear about those though.