Blackstone Services is a valuable Oklahoma City carpenter to draw from when it comes to your residential home building or remodeling design and building needs. We have years of experience in developing and executing building projects by design From large projects such as hospitals to projects as small as designing and building a staircase for a second story addition we have thorough and a history of applying that knowledge that is exceptional for a builder.

When it comes to building not many have the talents, skills, practice, and passion of an Oklahoma City carpenter does for construction. Our team that started out as three men had and continues to have the ability to perform the entire construction of a home upon the knowledge and skills of an Oklahoma City carpenter put to work.

The convenience and value of working with Blackstone Services is recognizable from the beginning to the very end of the design-build process. From the beginning we can share insights on feasibility, cost, schedule, and countless options. And end you can rely on our team directly to have done the work we said we will do to create a process, experience, and outcome just as we designed it with you.

Home Remodeling

There are not many aspects of remodeling that Blackstone Services is not familiar with. From basement conversions to bonus room build outs as Oklahoma City carpenters we’ve done them.

If there is something we specialize in it is doing everything an Oklahoma City carpenter can possibly do. When we remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or whole house we can guarantee the work will be done right because we’ve done it before. We can take our customers through every step of a whole home remodel because we’ve done them from start to finish with our own hands.

Blackstone Services not only remodels and updates we also do restorations. We’ve dealt with damage from gas line explosions, fire and flood damage, and projects as simple as restoring an original hardwood floor. We do everything you would expect from an Oklahoma City carpenter and craftsman to not only provide you with great construction but also to maintain a great home for years to come.


When adding on to your house you definitely want a trustworthy professional; and not just any Oklahoma City carpenter, to keep your investment from becoming a loss or disaster. With Blackstone Services you get a proven trustworthy contractor, not a probably or possibly trustworthy contractor.

Blackstone Services has a proven history of successful home additions. From adding on a second story to a first floor kitchen expansion we’ve done them just the way our customers expected us to and put their trust in us to do. You can inherit the trust of our past customers by looking at our completed work and satisfied customer reviews.

How about taking time to consider your project with us? I believe you will find our insights into your project credible and valuable to creating the right options and outcomes for your home improvement to be a true improvement and satisfying investment.

Pool decks, patios, pergolas, pavers, carports, fencing, and more.

Here are some of the highlights of the improvements Blackstone Services can make around your yard.

Our pool decks are one of a kind. Every pool deck starts with meeting the owners intended uses and preferences for the ability of the pool deck to meet their specific needs. We then work to give you the best design options to meet all of your big picture goals for owning a pool deck. We take every one of our clients concerns and ideas into consideration to create the best plan we can.

When it comes to patios we have a lot to offer. Blackstone Services does concrete, paver, and even trail mix gravel patios. And we know how to finish off a new patio or driveway with a pergola or carport.

Blackstone Services offers so many outside the house services; that if you have something in mind, we most likely do it. Just a few more are fencing, retaining walls, trench/french drains, painting, gutters, and more.


Have you ever wanted someone you can call to take care of your whole list of home repairs at once? Well we’ve taken care of some extensive to do list and we believe yours is another challenge we can meet. You can call one Oklahoma City carpenter after another before finding one that can do everything we can do in one call.

Our services give our customers simplicity, convenience, and affordability. We are simple because you can talk to one Oklahoma City carpenter about many needs that may have taken multiple people from other companies to understand. We are convenient due to being your one call and one schedule for multiple needs. We are affordable because we do many projects/repairs in one visit by one Oklahoma City carpenter; where other companies require multiple employees making multiple schedules and visits to complete tasks limited by their abilities.

How about giving Blackstone Services a call and seeing how many things an Oklahoma City carpenter can check off of your to do list? Many times we respond to service calls the same day; you may be one call away from taking care of your entire to do list!